Project Description



A retail conglomerate who’s brands are world-renowned; they are household names. They are primarily known for the lingerie, personal care,  beauty products, and accessories. The company operates more than 3,000 company-owned specialty stores in the USA, Canada, the UK and Greater China.  It’s brands are also sold in more than 700  franchised locations worldwide.

Client Expectations

  • Standardize and centralize Relocation Services that was previously decentralized and inconsistently operated in over a dozen brands

  • The program was outsourced to a major provider who handled all of their own contractual relationships for; the movement of household goods, temporary accommodations, and real estate services

  • Although bench-marked policies were in place, department heads approved >$500K/year in exceptions to the generous policies

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Branding 96%
Multimedia 98%

Project Scope

Application: 5 different Company success stories
Category:Shipping Boxes & Pizza Boxes
Scope: Combined $140 million in Spend



  • Several competitive sourcing events were conducted in the categories of; movement of household goods, temporary accommodations, and real estate services

  • Policies were collectively reviewed and benchmark separately for domestic and international relocations

  • Insurance policies were also reviewed


  • The outsourcing agency was required to use the retailer’s suppliers in lieu of their own. Savings exceeded 10% and hit $450K/year

  • A 3rd Party insurance provider was found to be redundant and terminated, Saving was approximately $100K/year

  • Although arguably a savings but at least a significant cost avoidance, was the approval process for exceptions to policy. Exceptions to an already very generous policy were considered verboten. Cost avoidance was >$500K.

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