The animated video “How to create Change” teaches many of the principals we hold dear in a fun, entertaining way. After all, Change can be difficult on businesses of every size. This story is about thinking outside the box and gives a glimpse of our approach as well as what happens to companies when they ignore change.

When it comes to negotiation, many companies have no idea what a particular cost should be and are therefore beholden to whatever the supplier decides. We create cost models to find out what the cost should be and what it needs to be, giving you the power at the negotiating table. In the end this type of analysis could saves companies enormous sums of money.

An American Society for Quality (ASQ) sponsored webcast on Championing Change with Victor Sower (Sower & Associates), and Frank Fair (Sam Houston State University), the authors of the book We Move Our Own Cheese!

An in-class supply chain lecture and exercise to show the importance of knowledge in finance and accounting for supply chain professionals.