• All consultants are EXPERIENCED THOUGHT LEADERS, many with multiple publications and presentations to their credit

  • Collaborative approach ensures the value proposition proposed is achieved EVERY time

  • Extensive industry experience across a variety of industries to achieve value

  • Emphasis on creating organizational capability to ensure internal competency attainment

  • Mentoring and training across the inter-disciplines of supply chain

  • Systemic cost management solutioning

  • Projected cost models to assist in strategic sourcing and negotiations

  • Customized to the client specification and service requirements

  • Systemically enabled in the cloud for perpetual updating (in development)

  • Turnkey Strategic Sourcing Initiatives

  • Powerful Interactive Cost Models that can analyze your business

  • Monthly Member’s only Newsletter containing vital supply chain information related to your field with real world applications

3rd Party costs have nowhere to hide!

3rd party vendors are constantly trying to pull the wool over your eyes. But we can get to the bottom of those costs, bringing strength and clarity to the negotiating table.

Striking the Right Balance to Achieve & Sustain Value

Most organizations are more heavily weighted towards governance, and miss opportunities for creating and sustaining enterprise competitive advantage.