Project Description



Client is one of Canada’s largest service companies in the cementing and pressure pumping marketplace.  More than half of all hydraulic fracturing horsepower and proppant (sand) pumped is managed through the client.  Capacity shortages for 3rd party trucking services with pneumatic trailers was problematic, so ensuring continuity of supply at competitive rates to win and support additional business was challenging.

Client Expectations

  • Ensure continuity of sand hauling capacity from rail transload to the wellsite

  • Understand the cost implications of their private fleet hauling sand versus partnered third party carriers

  • Analyze the commercial structure of their agreements and assess current operating practices to unmask inefficiencies

  • Gain assurance that their new commercial agreements were cost competitive now and into the future

  • Minimize standby costs through governance, cost controls and rate reductions

Project Planning 98%
Anaylitics 92%
Training 96%
Sourcing 98%

Project Scope

2.6 Million tones of sand hauled
5,829 Employees, 678,000 Fracturing horsepower


  • Client achieved a 7% price reduction in hauling rates, and 22% reduction in standby rates (in an inflationary market)


  • Dispatch protocols were updated to reflect 3rd parties for longer hauls, and private fleet for shorter hauls

  • Electronic billing with standby reports daily were required with anticipation to reduce unjustified expenses, and ease passing to customers (when applicable)


  • Price adjustment mechanism was included in the contract based on the should cost model – price transparency through contractual term


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